Don’t Ever Let Them See You Sweat 

In a world where we often describe things as black and white, we never really discuss the grey. Growing up as a Muslim minority, I quickly learned just how complex the grey is, especially when I was walking into the corporate world. I always heard the saying, “Never let them see you sweat,” and quickly learned that was the fastest way to success. This blog post explores my personal journey and experiences, shedding light on the importance of resilience and self-assuredness when navigating the corporate landscape. 

We are constantly told that we need to code-switch in order to fit into the corporate setting. And oftentimes, we code-switch so much that it creates a sense of imposter syndrome. In my first internship, I suffered from so much imposter syndrome that I didn’t recognize the microaggressions and offensive remarks being thrown my way. I worked hard and overworked myself to combat the fear. Despite my accomplishments, the constant fear of being exposed as a fraud was a mental hurdle I had to overcome. It’s a common experience for many in the workplace, but recognizing it and learning to combat it is essential. Imposter syndrome is often a result of self-doubt, and I found that seeking support from my friends and a coach, affirming my achievements, and practicing self-compassion helped me confront and conquer this mindset. 

One of the most crucial lessons I’ve learned is the power of resilience. When faced with adversity, I chose to focus on my goals and not let external pressures deter me. I remind myself that challenges are part of the journey and can be stepping stones to growth. Through resilience, I’ve withstood these challenges and emerged stronger. 

It’s essential to build your own support system. Whether connecting with like-minded colleagues, seeking guidance from mentors, or maintaining a work-life balance, these pillars have been essential in helping me keep my composure and continue progressing in my career. One of the bigger things that has also helped me is maintaining my prayers in the office. That has kept me stable and focused on my goals. 

As a young Muslim minority in Corporate America, I’ve faced my fair share of hurdles, but I’ve also celebrated numerous triumphs. My experiences have taught me that, no matter the challenges, it’s vital to stay true to yourself and never let others see you sweat. Resilience, staying authentic to myself, and a robust support system are crucial to navigating the corporate landscape while maintaining your identity and integrity.

My hope is that my journey inspires others to face the world with confidence and tenacity, regardless of their background or beliefs. Together, we can all strive for a more inclusive, understanding, and empathetic workplace where individual differences are celebrated and valued.